Sai Gon

Sai Gon….. hoo boy…..Sai Gon….. Okay, here goes…… We flew in from Da Nang about midday to a warm but breezy Sai Gon.  The idea….the intent….was to go to a particular travel agency where we’d pick up our bus tickets to Cambodia.  We decided to walk because we wanted to save money and who knew how expensive taxis were in Sai Gon ~ especially for … Continue reading Sai Gon

Hoi An

What words can I use to describe Hoi An? Certainly the word ‘charm’ comes to mind. Then there’s relaxing, friendly, laid-back, architecture, flowers…..lots and lots of flowers….. As I’d said in my last post, Mike and I took a couple of day trips to Hoi An. It’s barely a half hour motorbike ride from Da Nang down a clean, fairly new highway. On our first … Continue reading Hoi An

Sa Pa

One place I just had to see before going Stateside is Sa Pa…..and I’ve just come back from there early, very early, this morning. After making arrangements with a wonderful travel agent and all around nice woman named Lai here in Ha Noi, I was picked up in a small bus Sunday evening by a driver who somehow hadn’t been informed that on crowded city … Continue reading Sa Pa

Qua me kho

It’s the weirdest …..fruit?…..I’ve ever eaten. I guess it’s a fruit. Maybe it’s a legume. It’s called qua me kho and it’s just plain odd.  It looks like…..well, I’ll let you decide what you think it looks like. On the last day of class one of my students gave me a bag of it and I said…..”er……thank you………what is it….?” She pulled one out of … Continue reading Qua me kho