Qua me kho

It’s the weirdest …..fruit?…..I’ve ever eaten. I guess it’s a fruit. Maybe it’s a legume. It’s called qua me kho and it’s just plain odd.  It looks like…..well, I’ll let you decide what you think it looks like.
On the last day of class one of my students gave me a bag of it and I said…..”er……thank you………what is it….?” She pulled one out of the bag, cracked it open and showed me how to eat them…… and now I’ll show youA 1:


They have shells about the hardness of peanuts, but they’re a bit hairy.

They’re anywhere from one to three inches long.

A 2



So, once you’ve opened it up as you would a peanut, you find this delectable looking nugget inside.  Rather gummy feeling and surrounded by this sort of root system looking thing.



A 3



Peel off the ‘roots’ and pop that puppy in your mouth!  Go for it!

They’re delicious!  These things have the taste, texture and consistency of fruit roll ups.

A 4




They have seeds that are very smooth and slick and fun to roll around in your mouth.

Who knew fruit roll ups grew naturally…..complete with biodegradable packaging!

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