2 Day Tours Outside Cusco, Peru

I’ve been in Cusco, Peru seven days now. The first few days I just wandered around the city. I’ll give you my impressions of it in the next post. But this last Friday and Saturday I took two day tours to see a few sights outside Cusco. The tours were fairly inexpensive …. and perhaps I should have kicked out a bit more money for … Continue reading 2 Day Tours Outside Cusco, Peru

Arica, Chile & Arequipa, Peru

I returned to San Pedro de Atacama after my wondrous adventure in Bolivia. I stayed there another few days, after which, took a night bus to Arica, Chile. I then took a taxi from the bus station to the hostel and, though it was an early arrival, they let me in and showed me to my room…. then went back to bed. “You can pay … Continue reading Arica, Chile & Arequipa, Peru

Qua me kho

It’s the weirdest …..fruit?…..I’ve ever eaten. I guess it’s a fruit. Maybe it’s a legume. It’s called qua me kho and it’s just plain odd.  It looks like…..well, I’ll let you decide what you think it looks like. On the last day of class one of my students gave me a bag of it and I said…..”er……thank you………what is it….?” She pulled one out of … Continue reading Qua me kho

Thanksgiving Dinner, VN Style

Turkey is a specialty food in Viet Nam.  They call it ga Tay ~ Western chicken.  Or, more specifically, ga Tay My ~ American Western chicken…..and it’s not cheap!  But, honestly, most all other foods here are cheap, so spending a little more for a taste of home cooking on this special day was worth it……if only we could figure out where to buy it…..and … Continue reading Thanksgiving Dinner, VN Style

As Mike says…….

….”Give me convenience or give me death”……spoken like a true American. Okay, so having a sprained ankle is a pain in the, well, yeah ,…foot.  Doing any shopping for food or going out to eat can be a real hassle.  Plus….and this may sound weird, but……sometimes you just get tired of being stared at wherever you go (which is compounded when you’re hobbling around with … Continue reading As Mike says…….


After 20-some years of being a vegetarian then a pescetarian, I recently ‘broke veg’. It happened a little more than a month ago while Mike was still in California. I was at his house. We’d had a drink or……two……and he was eating something that smelled delicious. I asked what it was and he said something like, “Shrimp wrapped in bacon and smothered in yummy sauce…”…..or … Continue reading Food