As Mike says…….

….”Give me convenience or give me death”……spoken like a true American.

Okay, so having a sprained ankle is a pain in the, well, yeah ,…foot.  Doing any shopping for food or going out to eat can be a real hassle.  Plus….and this may sound weird, but……sometimes you just get tired of being stared at wherever you go (which is compounded when you’re hobbling around with a big, fat brace on your foot)…. sometimes you just don’t want to go out. to the rescue!  A great website chock full o’ restaurants that deliver.  I’d had my heart and palate set on pizza from Luna ~ I’ve had it over at Mike’s a few times.  Good lord, it’s delicious ~ but they don’t deliver to my area….which is kinda amazing considering how close I live to Mike.  Anyway, so I kept looking and found Com Chao.  Lots of vegetarian food.  Lots of seafood.  Lots of food that looked really good.

So I ordered Sweet/Sour Prawns with rice and Vegetarian Fried Rice.  What was delivered were generous portions of everything along with soup (which I hadn’t ordered, but is generally served with every meal you get here)…..all for only 130,000 Ð…. …delivered….

…which is $6.50 USD.  Absolutely delicious…and I have leftovers.                             Now that’s convenience.

4 thoughts on “As Mike says…….

  1. Hey! remember me?….from shiloh days….we were at the study center at the same time…I have a picture of you me, greg Deneen an dan horan


    1. Hi Mark! Yes, of course I remember you! How in the world did you find me here? My guess is that you’re still in touch with my brother? It’s great to hear from you. You know, I still have my copy of that same picture.


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