Qua me kho

It’s the weirdest …..fruit?…..I’ve ever eaten. I guess it’s a fruit. Maybe it’s a legume. It’s called qua me kho and it’s just plain odd.  It looks like…..well, I’ll let you decide what you think it looks like. On the last day of class one of my students gave me a bag of it and I said…..”er……thank you………what is it….?” She pulled one out of … Continue reading Qua me kho

♫ A foggy day in Ha Noi….. ♪

……sounds like the beginning of a song.  Anyway, yesterday was very foggy.  Winter is approaching.  I went up to the rooftop to hang some laundry (which somehow didn’t get quite dry…hmmm….) and here’s what I saw:         Mike and I are pretending we’re in Seattle…. nice picture of the Space Needle, eh? After hanging the laundry I went for a walk….. …..and … Continue reading ♫ A foggy day in Ha Noi….. ♪

Ha Noi Hilton

Yesterday Mike and I went to visit what we Americans commonly (albeit sarcastically) call the Ha Noi Hilton and what the Vietnamese call Hoa Lo Prison. It was originally built by the French in the late 1880’s during their colonization of Viet Nam and was used at that time primarily for political prisoners, i.e. dissenters of French rule.  Once the French were gone, it was … Continue reading Ha Noi Hilton