Ha Noi Cinématheque

Ha Noi has a very cool movie theatre……and I’m becoming an addict….. They show all sorts of English speaking movies or movies with English subtitles, new and old.  Tonight I went to see an old Hitchcock film.  I’ve always been a big Hitchcock fan ~ he’s in my top three of favorite movie directors.  The inside of the theatre itself is new, comfortable, clean and, honestly, kind of boring.  So I’ll show you the outside.  But first I’ll share with you my xe om ride there…..


23Woo hoo ~ Ha Noi traffic!  It’s completely insane!!!






As I sat at a traffic light, I heard a tiny little voice saying, “Hello.”  I turned and saw this little guy.  I asked if I could take his picture and he pulled his face mask down so I could do so (most people wear face masks here to protect their lungs from the air pollution).  He didn’t smile.  He was very serious.  I showed him the picture I’d taken and he smiled just a little and then……we were on our way….










……and here we are…..looks just like the entrance to a movie theatre, right?


Who’da guessed?




This is sort of the parking garage and hallway combined….



….keep walking until…..








…..ta da…….you come upon this nice courtyard…..





….complete with cool movie posters…







….and of course, a full bar….







Nice, huh?


Here’s the ticket office….






….with more cool posters on the walls….



…..and extremely cool old pictures.  This is a picture from the 1950’s of a bunch of folk getting together to…. what else…..watch a movie.



So, if you’re ever in Ha Noi, I highly recommend…..



2 thoughts on “Ha Noi Cinématheque

    1. Yeah, the day we were trying to locate it, we walked by that ‘entrance’ a few times before deciding to give that ‘hallway’ a try. It really was a delight to walk into that courtyard the first time.


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