The Flower Post

I’ve been taking the random shot of flowers since I’ve been here and thought I would compile them all into one post……and here it be….


This is a delicate little tree flower.  Kind of reminds me of the Texas Golden Chain Tree I’ve seen in California….which I always seem to want to call ‘Texas Chain Saw Tree’ …..hhmmmmm….








Here’s a close up of those chrysanthemums in that farmhouse garden from my Tour de Thai Binh.

One of my all-time favorite flowers – Bouganveilla.  Such a delicate flower – like tissue paper.  It reminds me of my childhood hometown of Riverside.



….interesting little flower…..




Trumpet Vine





….anybody know what this one is?  It looks like a cross between bleeding heart and bouganveilla….




….don’t know what this one is, either.



Just a Morning Glory, but I love ’em.




I know I’ve posted these pics of the Gerberas already, but gosh darn it, they’re pretty!

Well, okay, not only flowers.. moss & ferns, too….






…..and fungi…..indeed…




I’ve been so surprised by how many plants and trees I’ve seen here that also grow in California…..the Texas Chain Saw….er, whatever…..bouganveilla, chrysanthemums, hibiscus, trumpet vine, morning glory, gerbera and these three:


Crepe Myrtle – this may not be the exact same variety you see all over Chico, but it’s related, without a doubt.  The flower is very similar and the trunk of the tree is a dead giveaway – it’s that smooth, swirly, satiny greyish-brown.





Oleander – is there anywhere this stuff doesn’t grow?


And last, but not least…



….portulaca…..growing over its boundary onto the marble sidewalk….yes, marble.



4 thoughts on “The Flower Post

  1. Know it all alert….You do know of course that the flowers of the bouganvilla are actually just little white things and the pink ‘flowers’ are merely leaf bracts? I s’pect you knew that.
    I wonder if the lovely white flower might be a type of clematis? the leaves look similar to an evergreen clematis.
    beautiful photos Jan.


    1. You know, I have to admit I never really thought about it, but yeah, that makes sense, re: the bouganveilla. Like a poinsettia, eh? We’ll add that to the list: flowers, ferns & moss, fungi and bracts!
      The other, I can’t say – the only kind of clematis I’ve ever grown is the deciduous kind and the leaves look quite different, as does the flower, really….at least with the type I’ve grown. Just not sure about that one. It’s an awfully pretty little thing, though.
      Thanks, Sair.


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