The Huntington Library ….that is, parts thereof

Recently I went to San Marino with my daughter-in-law, her best friend and their combined kids (three of them, aged 3 to 8 years) to visit the Huntington Library, though as it turned out for me, only a small portion of it. As with the Getty, it’s huge, but in a different sort of way. At the Getty you’ll find multiple large buildings with multiple … Continue reading The Huntington Library ….that is, parts thereof

Arica, Chile & Arequipa, Peru

I returned to San Pedro de Atacama after my wondrous adventure in Bolivia. I stayed there another few days, after which, took a night bus to Arica, Chile. I then took a taxi from the bus station to the hostel and, though it was an early arrival, they let me in and showed me to my room…. then went back to bed. “You can pay … Continue reading Arica, Chile & Arequipa, Peru


For the last week and a half I’ve been living in Paradise…..literally. Paradise, California. I’ve been staying with Mike’s mom, Dee… friend. I’ve gone down the hill into Chico a couple of times but didn’t take many pictures. Took care of some business. Hung out a bit with friends which was great.  Chico felt a bit odd in a way.  I think of it as … Continue reading Paradise

The Flower Post

I’ve been taking the random shot of flowers since I’ve been here and thought I would compile them all into one post……and here it be….   This is a delicate little tree flower.  Kind of reminds me of the Texas Golden Chain Tree I’ve seen in California….which I always seem to want to call ‘Texas Chain Saw Tree’ …..hhmmmmm….       Hibiscus…hibisci..?…hibiscuses..??     … Continue reading The Flower Post

Strolling along…

Just across the way from my place is a small lake….a pond, really…and this morning I strolled over there for a ca phé.  I brought my David Sedaris book with me to read while I sipped.  So, here’s this enormously tall American woman sitting by the pond, having her morning cuppa Joe, giggling maniacally……there goes the neighborhood… Anyway, as I sat there, I’d occasionally tear … Continue reading Strolling along…