Strolling along…

Just across the way from my place is a small lake….a pond, really…and this morning I strolled over there for a ca phé.  I brought my David Sedaris book with me to read while I sipped.  So, here’s this enormously tall American woman sitting by the pond, having her morning cuppa Joe, giggling maniacally……there goes the neighborhood…

Anyway, as I sat there, I’d occasionally tear myself away from Mr. Sedaris and look around at the view and realized I wished I’d had my camera with me.  So, after finishing my cuppa, I went and got it and took a stroll around the pond…..and here’s what I saw:

… do you see why I wanted to get my camera?!

You see these all around.  They’re community bulletin boards….I think.  I attempted a little translation of the first sentence and this is what I’ve come up with:

“Suc khoe” means either: ‘Strength’ or ‘Health’.

“Cong” means either: ‘Labour’ or ‘Wage’ or ‘Be on the offensive’ or ‘Public’ or ‘Peacock’ (yeah…I know…right?….).

“Dong” means either: ‘Heap’ or ‘Stack’…, feel free to draw your own conclusions….

The dong is also the currency here (but the spelling is all in the diacritics and tone marks).  When you first get here, you’ll have 10,000 dong in your pocket (…what…….?) and think you’re rolling in money…..’til you realize that 10,000 dong is about 50¢.


Lots of pretty pots with edible greens around the pond…..





…..and aloe….



There’s this tree that has these beautiful blooms.  Here it is in its bud stage….…you can see why it caught my attention, no?




I love how it’s cascading over the pond.


And here it is up close.  Pretty thing.

Lots of gardening going on around this pond.                 




Tomatoes and salad greens and limes (nestled amongst the vinca!)…

….and a handy little place for cooking it all..

 …not to mention a place to sit and enjoy your meal…


…..along with a few guys hangin’ out, drinkin’ beer, playin’ da game…..

….kinda reminds me of Chico!





I’m drawn to things like this….don’t ask me why, I don’t know.  I guess I just really think the subtle variation in shading and the textures are beautiful…not to mention the numbers and lettering…….





…..a nice little stroll.


5 thoughts on “Strolling along…

  1. gosh it looks so idylic. what lovley plants, when you’re settled i hope you find someplace to garden. are the numbers on the wall phone numbers?


    1. Thanks, Sair, you know how much I love gardening. I’d be happy with just a few potted plants.
      I did a search about the numbers on the wall – I had no idea what they are. Turns out, you’re absolutely right – they’re phone numbers. Apparently for handymen and the like….”For plumbing repair, call 9865912″…. From what I read, the authorities call them an eyesore and are trying to rid the city of them, but rather unsuccessfully. I think of them as art! But it’s also got me thinking about what it must have looked like before the trend started. So many of the walls have that beautiful mottled yellow colour. It must have looked a bit softer and prettier.


  2. It kinda reminds me of a similar little garden pond that I visited with my friends in Kansas City once…. It looks like you had a lovely day. ❤


  3. Are there many trees with edible fruits to pick and eat, Jan? Or do they get picked sharpish, and sold!
    Everything is so green here, with all the rain we’ve had. I’m building an ark!!


    1. Yeah, I’ve been hearing that you’ve been deluged with rain! I’ve only seen fruit trees (mostly citrus) in the city that are in people’s yards and unavailable for ‘public picking!’ But it’s my impression that just on the outskirts of town it becomes instantly agricultural. When I went out to the flea market, I was surprised to go from this crazy city traffic jam to an orchard of, I believe, banana trees (no fruit on them at the time). There were also all sorts of crops of vegetables out there, too, but it definitely looked privately owned. I’d like to write about all the different fruits I’ve tasted here….gotta get them all together and take pictures first! I can’t believe the variety. Yummy!


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