Cool, clear water……

A couple days ago I was out and about, sightseeing and such. A hot day, of course…..most days are hot. Lots of walking…..end of the day and I was tired. So, before heading home I went into the local ‘grocery store’ (mostly where one goes to get the household items one needs: soap, shampoo, t.p., those yummy crackers that taste like the “Chicken in a Biskit” crackers I loved when I was a kid… know, the necessities..).  I needed water (you have to buy water here because what comes out of the tap oughtn’t be drunk).  So, I picked up a few items and, with arms loaded up went in search of the bottled water.  It’s not a big store, really, and I searched high and low, but just couldn’t find it.  The lady at the counter was busy, so I didn’t want to bug her, but then, Ah!, I saw it!  It was a different brand than I usually bought, but at this point I was tired and just wanted water.  Period.  It was right by the front counter all stacked up pyramid style.  “Well, that makes sense,” I thought.  “Of course it’s best to put the water right by the cash ‘register’.  People will go into the store to get their goods and then grab the water – which is heavier – on their way out the door.”  That just makes all kinds of sense, right? It’s right by the front door so you don’t forget it on your way out – everyone needs water,….right?!

So, I put my goods on the counter and grab a bottle of water and place it on the counter, too.  I’m still not quite familiar with the cost of things here and nothing’s marked with a price.  So, when I paid the woman, the price seemed all right.  It was around $10-ish and I had got quite a few items.  Seemed sort of comparable to what I would’ve paid in the States.  Fair enough.  I paid her and tromped home.  Hot. Tired.  Just beat….

I make my way up the four flights to my room, sweat dripping off my face, set everything down and, finally, I’m so parched, Yes!, a nice big swig of water……




…..yeah, I’m gonna be checkin’ labels from here on out…..

My mouth was instantly aflame!!  I spit it all back into the bottle….

….I guess I’ll keep it around.  I can always use it as a disinfectant…..



….or a bookend….

6 thoughts on “Cool, clear water……

  1. Haha, just what you need when you desperately thirsty, eh Jan!
    2 litres, as well, t’was a bargain.
    At what point did you see the funny side?
    I wonder if the item location in the store was a plot for unsuspecting ‘visitors’. Probably their fastest seller! They are shrewd business people… have to be, I guess.


    1. You know, I wondered about that, too, Dave. I mean, how popular is this stuff, anyway, if they’ve got a big pyramid of it by the front door?!! Does everyone pick one up on their way home….?
      I guess I was able to laugh about it once I got feeling back in my mouth….


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