I went down to the kitchen to get some ice and on the bottom cupboard by the fridge was this monster. This is the biggest @*#&$!!#*%!! spider I have ever seen in my entire *@#%!*$&%# life!! He is probably about 4 inches across. Thanks, I don’t need ice that bad…. and thank god for zoom lenses….. I’m generally not even afraid of spiders, but right … Continue reading Gigantor

Wake up call

There’s something about writing a blog….  You put your thoughts and ideas out there to the world. …..and your gripes and complaints (as in my last post…..).  You think you’re sometimes being funny and glib…. and then you gain a different perspective. A perspective maybe you’d have been wise to have had all along. This morning before class, I was sitting downstairs in the school … Continue reading Wake up call

31 days and counting….

It’s AUGUST!!  I’m so happy it’s August!  Do you know why I’m so happy it’s August?  No?  Then I’ll tell you why I’m so happy it’s August – because it’s my last month here in this isolated desert of work!  Hooraaaayyy!!  After this month I can leave!  I’ll be finished with my contract and I can go back to Hanoi.  Yes, I know I complained … Continue reading 31 days and counting….

Just an observation…of sorts

I hadn’t realized it until yesterday.  I moved into an apartment yesterday afternoon and saw my face in a mirror for the first time in almost three weeks.  Mirrors on bathroom walls aren’t common here.  I have a small mirror I use to deal with the occasional….uh….minor facial…er…flaw…..ahem…..but seeing my entire face?  No, not in three weeks. It honestly was sort of a shock.  And … Continue reading Just an observation…of sorts