31 days and counting….

It’s AUGUST!!  I’m so happy it’s August!  Do you know why I’m so happy it’s August?  No?  Then I’ll tell you why I’m so happy it’s August – because it’s my last month here in this isolated desert of work!  Hooraaaayyy!!  After this month I can leave!  I’ll be finished with my contract and I can go back to Hanoi.  Yes, I know I complained … Continue reading 31 days and counting….

Ho hum…..

Busy, busy, busy…..  Since I last wrote, I’ve moved from Hanoi to Thai Binh.  I’ve settled into my small yet sufficient room.  I’ve taught one class so far.  ….and I’ve been struggling with either another cold or just remnants of gunk left in my lungs from Hanoi.  With cleaner air here in Thai Binh, I’m hoping that’ll clear up soon.  The class I taught was … Continue reading Ho hum…..

Job Posting – Native English Speaker for talking

Two days ago I had a one day job in a small city 2 hours outside of Hanoi.  In this job I was to stand around, smile, look Anglo-Saxon and speak English.  No, really.  Luckily for them, they’d hired a professional….I can do that stuff with my eyes closed.  I was picked up by the administrator…..or something…of the school.  We also stopped and picked up … Continue reading Job Posting – Native English Speaker for talking