Wake up call

There’s something about writing a blog….  You put your thoughts and ideas out there to the world. …..and your gripes and complaints (as in my last post…..).  You think you’re sometimes being funny and glib…. and then you gain a different perspective. A perspective maybe you’d have been wise to have had all along.
This morning before class, I was sitting downstairs in the school office waiting for class time. I’d already got the classroom set up and ready to go, but didn’t want to stay in the room until class started, musing I spend enough time in those hot rooms as it is. I was feeling exhausted, tired, burnt out and honestly, sorry for myself.
Finally, as it neared class time I got up to walk upstairs and as I did, I passed by the woman who does the cleaning in the school. She smiled at me as she always does. She has a very sweet smile. Always kind. Always pleasant. This woman earns probably about 50¢ an hour…..if she’s lucky.
I had to stop and get a grip. Here I’d been thinking “Woe is me” and this darling woman, her back bent and hands calloused from work, sweat dripping from her face, smiles as if all were right in the world.
And here am I, a free human being, able to travel the world – my dream – feeling sorry for myself. It’s true, I have been working many hours a day, every day of the week.  This job is stressful.  I’m not saying it isn’t.  But, I’m compensated for it. I’m given housing as part of my contract. I’m given two meals a day. I don’t have an electric bill. And I’m paid well.
Yes, I understand – it’s relative. Her world and my world are….. worlds apart.
But still…….

7 thoughts on “Wake up call

  1. Michael was saying how proud of you he is. We learn lessons as we go. But when we are tired it gets hard. Maybe you were sent an angel, they are not always pretty and have wings. oxox I am proud of you too.


  2. You are very fortunate, for you have the unselfishness to realize what you have. That you have things to be grateful for. So many people never take the time to see this. Very well done!!


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