Since my classes are winding down and I’m not working as many hours, I’ve ventured out a bit more lately, always taking my camera. Today I wandered over in the direction of a place I’d eaten at yesterday. The food was good and I figured it was a safe bet for another good meal. It’s what Mike and I have decided to call a ‘Rice … Continue reading Lunch


I went down to the kitchen to get some ice and on the bottom cupboard by the fridge was this monster. This is the biggest @*#&$!!#*%!! spider I have ever seen in my entire *@#%!*$&%# life!! He is probably about 4 inches across. Thanks, I don’t need ice that bad…. and thank god for zoom lenses….. I’m generally not even afraid of spiders, but right … Continue reading Gigantor

The Flower Post

I’ve been taking the random shot of flowers since I’ve been here and thought I would compile them all into one post……and here it be….   This is a delicate little tree flower.  Kind of reminds me of the Texas Golden Chain Tree I’ve seen in California….which I always seem to want to call ‘Texas Chain Saw Tree’ …..hhmmmmm….       Hibiscus…hibisci..?…hibiscuses..??     … Continue reading The Flower Post

Rain delay

I’d had plans to go to another pagoda today with the same folks I’d visited the other pagodas a couple weeks ago, but it was raining too much. It’s quite a ways out of town and we’d be going by motorbike – not a lot of fun, nor very safe, in the rain. It rained hard last night and was still coming down pretty heavy … Continue reading Rain delay

N n n n n n n noooobody’s fault……

It’s nobody’s fault. No one’s to blame. There’s no blame to be had. It is what it is.  People can’t help but stare.  I’m a foreigner.  I look different….and people haven’t seen a foreigner in these parts since……a long time ago.  So, when I walk along the street, people see me and forget they’re riding a motorbike and stare at me instead of watching the … Continue reading N n n n n n n noooobody’s fault……

Wild Kingdom

Windows here aren’t windows like we know ’em back home. They’re openings with shutters and security bars. It’s different…..but I kinda like it.  Being that there’s no glass….and no screen….I’ve taken to putting mosquito netting over the window…, opening… function as a screen…. hopefully keeping the critters out…..hopefully.  I don’t like mosquito netting hanging over my bed.  It feels sort of stifling believe it or … Continue reading Wild Kingdom