Jiggety jig!

Got my own place, finally! Yay!! It’s nice to be able to nest. There’s lots of fixing up I’d still like to do ~ more plants, more pictures, more books….. but it’s a start. Here are a few pics of my place:


It’s a studio so, of course the bed’s the first, most obvious thing you see when you walk in.  But then your eyes are immediately draw to….


……….the incredible ceiling.

I even love the color of the ceiling fan….sorta turquoise-y.

Here are a couple more shots…..



…..neato, huh?

Here’s the rest of the room:



The door beyond the bed leads to my small balcony.




Here’s my small kitchen…..small, but sufficient…




….and here’s a cool little light fixture (with my own addition hanging from it).




I live in a house on a corner of two alleys.  Here’s the view from my balcony down one alley.  Every morning from about 7 to 11 the street is lined with vendors selling fruits, vegetables, meats, flowers, bread.  It’s great!


This is the view down the other alley…….and looking up in that direction….

…..is this tower.  A radio tower?  I don’t know.  It’s a good landmark if I get lost….. which actually is happening less and less.

Now, I just gotta get a job…..

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