Museo Arte Precolombino Indigena

I went for a walk this morning to look for the ‘old town’ section of Montevideo. I’m not sure I found it.   I did find a lot of old buildings, though.   Couldn’t resist the kitty cat.   Notice anything similar in all these pictures?   Hardly any people. There are cars here and there, but there’s no one around. Most of the businesses … Continue reading Museo Arte Precolombino Indigena

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

I took a buquebus (a ferry) to Uruguay yesterday. Fortunately, it’s a rather large ferry so it weathered the waters well. The waters of the Río de la Plata are normally fairly calm, but it was windy and rainy, so the water was choppy. The Río de la Plata is considered the widest river in the world. I looked it up because I wondered where … Continue reading Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

A couple things more…. and Tango

I’ll be on my way to Iguazú Cataratas (Waterfalls) tomorrow. It’s an 18 hour bus ride. Yes – 18 hours. But, it’ll be an overnight journey on a ‘sleeper’ bus, so it’ll be a breeze. Anyway, I thought before I go I’d like to finish up a few thoughts that had begun with my last post.   First, I wanted to post a couple more … Continue reading A couple things more…. and Tango


Yesterday I went to el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). I’d heard there was a Diane Arbus exhibit there that was ending soon and I really wanted to see it. I’ve loved her photos for years. She photographed everything and nothing, in a sense. The simplest moments became thoroughly intriguing through her lens. She said: “I don’t press the shutter. The image … Continue reading MALBA

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Words are definitely going to fail me here, I can feel it already. This place is phenomenal. I think I’m just going to post my photos, supply names, maybe comment here and there and leave it at that. The pictures speak for themselves. These are some sketches by Goya. A close up of one of them is posted below. I was surprised when going through … Continue reading Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes