San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – First Impressions

I left Buenos Aires on Friday, November 3rd and after a long, exhausting day and night, arrived here at San Pedro de Atacama, Chile on Saturday. My flight took me from B.A. to San Jose, Argentina where I had a brief layover. From there, we flew over the Andes to Santiago, Chile and here are a few pics from that flight. This first pic is … Continue reading San Pedro de Atacama, Chile – First Impressions

Chau, Buenos Aires

I’ll be leaving Buenos Aires – in fact, Argentina entirely – in a few days and I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I’m looking forward to the next part of my adventures. On the other, I’ll miss this energetic, beautiful city. In all the posts I’ve done about Buenos Aires, I haven’t shown you the trash blowing around in the streets, … Continue reading Chau, Buenos Aires

Museo Arte Precolombino Indigena

I went for a walk this morning to look for the ‘old town’ section of Montevideo. I’m not sure I found it.   I did find a lot of old buildings, though.   Couldn’t resist the kitty cat.   Notice anything similar in all these pictures?   Hardly any people. There are cars here and there, but there’s no one around. Most of the businesses … Continue reading Museo Arte Precolombino Indigena

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

I took a buquebus (a ferry) to Uruguay yesterday. Fortunately, it’s a rather large ferry so it weathered the waters well. The waters of the Río de la Plata are normally fairly calm, but it was windy and rainy, so the water was choppy. The Río de la Plata is considered the widest river in the world. I looked it up because I wondered where … Continue reading Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay