Atlanta – the old, the new, the weird, the cool

Éva and I have started our journey. Here I sit at a coffee shop in Savannah having the most incredibly difficult time believing we only left yesterday morning. It hasn’t even been 48 hours. I don’t know. Weird.   Anyway, as I said, we left Asheville yesterday morning and after encountering this rather bizarre sight on the road and about four and a half hours … Continue reading Atlanta – the old, the new, the weird, the cool

Asheville, North Carolina

I’ve had a slow, introductory glimpse at Asheville.  I’ve seen some great sights, been introduced to wonderful people, seen parts of the town I imagine a lot of people don’t ordinarily see….and I still feel it’s been only a rudimentary introduction.  I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of this place. But, here are my first impressions:               Click … Continue reading Asheville, North Carolina

Who says Kansas is flat?

From my scribblings: “As I sit here in Murphy with her windows open and feel the cooling breeze, listening to the rain falling hard on her roof, I am content. I’m in Kansas and it would appear a tornado is in the works.  But, probably not.  I assume it’s that because I’m a Californian and this is Kansas, there’ll automatically be a tornado.  I don’t … Continue reading Who says Kansas is flat?

Idaho & Craters of the Moon

Somewhere along the line before we reached Ontario, we’d passed from Pacific into Mountain Time, so when we got going the next morning it was an hour later than we were thinking.  Our phones, our computers, all the technology we so mindlessly rely on seemed to be indicating a different time.  Very disorienting.  It’s odd – what difference does the time make… especially when you’re … Continue reading Idaho & Craters of the Moon


If the beginning of this venture hadn’t been so expensive, so unbelievably costly, so financially draining, it would have been funny…. absofuckinglutely hilarious. The saga thus far: I took the bus/train from Salinas to Hayward to check out a van. I’d been looking online and in the local auto sales rag for vans for a few months and had checked out a few and thought … Continue reading Murphy

Mission Carmel (sorta…) and Mission San Juan Bautista

In my continuing attempts to see nearby sights before I hit the road, I’ve gone to a couple of the local missions.  First was Mission Carmel.           When I arrived, the door was open, but they were not letting anyone in yet.  Maybe they had to finish sweeping the floor or something.  I really have no idea.  So, instead of going … Continue reading Mission Carmel (sorta…) and Mission San Juan Bautista