Lisbon, Portugal – Part 1

I titled this ‘Part 1’ because I’ll be leaving Lisbon in a few days, but then coming back for a few more. At that time, I’ll be staying at another hostel in another neighborhood so I’ll most likely have different things to share with you. I have so many pictures to show you in this post that I’ll just get right into it. I’ll be … Continue reading Lisbon, Portugal – Part 1

No Cal

Hello, there. It’s been a while. I’ve been in Northern California (mostly Oakland) since around the middle of March, staying at the home of my wonderful, beautiful, kind, generous friend, Lin. Often I’ve been planting and playing in her lovely garden or sewing or, from time to time, going out and about. You know, when you’re not ‘traveling,’ I mean really traveling – going to … Continue reading No Cal

So Cal

I’m in Berkeley, California now, house- and cat-sitting for an old friend while he’s out of town with his family. It’s beginning to rain and I’m glad I went for a long walk this morning because it looks to be a heavy storm coming in. While I’ve been sitting here, snug in their nice home, cats occasionally running through the living room at break-neck speed, … Continue reading So Cal

The Huntington Library ….that is, parts thereof

Recently I went to San Marino with my daughter-in-law, her best friend and their combined kids (three of them, aged 3 to 8 years) to visit the Huntington Library, though as it turned out for me, only a small portion of it. As with the Getty, it’s huge, but in a different sort of way. At the Getty you’ll find multiple large buildings with multiple … Continue reading The Huntington Library ….that is, parts thereof

Bogota, Colombia

I’m back in the U.S. It’s been a crazy whirlwind of a few days, to say the least. First, the long flight back. Then getting settled in at my oldest son’s home. Making a quick run up to Santa Barbara to visit with my granddaughter before she moves out of State. Adjusting to the small, but still discombobulating time change. Anyway, I’ve finally got settled … Continue reading Bogota, Colombia