Tarifa, Spain – Part 2

I could use a little diversion right about now. How ’bout you?
Following are pictures of my meanderings around town….

…high and low….

….up and down.

I found this sweet little spot to sit and have a cuppa.


Saw this t-shirt in a shop window. Thought it was kinda cute!


I’ve seen a couple KOOK signs in my travels and I’m a little obsessed with them. I saw one in New Orleans but was unable to capture the shot. I also saw one in northern California and did capture it. But this one appears to be a more ‘official’ name of a restaurant.
A little nighttime wandering….


A couple checking out the menu….


….and a smiling window.

I ate at this restaurant a few times. I had the most delicious veggie quiche and salad every time. Simply scrumptious.


And for a late night snack, roasted chestnuts!



I started these two posts on Tarifa at sunrise on the beach. I’ll end them now with sunset on the beach.

Couldn’t stop myself…
Looking north up the coast of Spain.
I think I was moving my camera too fast for this panoramic shot, but I still like the effect (click this or any picture to see in more detail).

There was a kite surfing school nearby and people were out enjoying a very windy evening.


Before playing the video, turn your sound down! Like I said, it was super windy and my recording is really noisy! I’m not the best videographer (as you’ll soon see), but this still gives a sense of what was going on.

Tarifa, Spain….

…I would love to go back some day.

5 thoughts on “Tarifa, Spain – Part 2

  1. Lovely to get out of the house via your post! I especially liked the tile bench and the mail boxes. And the video of the kite surfing was amazing and so beautiful.

    More adventures to come when this passes.


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