Córdoba, Spain

I took a bus from Tarifa and, passing through the beautiful olive-tree-covered Andalusian countryside, headed to Córdoba. My intention was to see as many places as I could (afford) on my way north to Madrid where I’d catch my flight back to the States. I’d seen pictures of the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba and desperately wanted to see it for myself, so this lovely city had to be my first stop.
I set out early in the morning as I am wont to do in order to avoid the crowds and to allow time for getting lost (which is inevitable).


And if I’m lucky, I catch a pretty sunrise.


The streets are narrow around the Mosque-Cathedral so it’s impossible to back up enough to get a picture of the entire building.
This (below) isn’t the door through which I entered, but it’s a beauty, isn’t it?
This is the door through which I entered…..

….another beauty.
The Mosque-Cathedral has a long and convoluted history. Apparently a Christian church had been established on the site, then the Moors came and began construction of the mosque in 784CE, then in 1236CE it went back to the Christians and then….. back and forth, back and forth…. it’s still being argued over. Personally, I’m not interested in whose god is in charge of the place……
….I just love the architecture.
Stroll with me.

Positively breathtaking, isn’t it?

This is described as the old tower clock machinery…
…and here are some architectural fragments and other delights.

There’s really not much I can add – the beauty of this place speaks for itself . And so on with our stroll…

And lastly, before we head outside, here is my favorite photo.
I love the layers. The light and the dark. I feel lucky that my eyes just happened to fall on this little corner.
Outside there’s a courtyard full of orange trees and palms.


And so ends our stroll through the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba.


Having seen what I came for, I then did (more of) what I love to do – I wandered.
(Remember, you can click on any picture to isolate it).

Almost always, when I roam around, I’ll come across something worthy of investigation….
….and, sure ‘nuf, I did.
This is Palacio Viana. I’d never heard of it. Knew nothing about it. But its seemed like a nice place to lose myself.
Indeed, it was.

This was, basically, a family home that had been passed on through the centuries. An extraordinarily wealthy family, but a family nonetheless.
I want this kitchen.
And I want it now.

While the interior of the house is lovely and if I’d been asked if I wanted to move in immediately, I would have said yes (unfortunately, no one asked)….

….it’s the gardens and courtyards that make this place so wonderful.

I’m so happy I was able to see and wander around in the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba (what an amazing feat of architecture) and that I was lucky enough to stumble upon the Palacio Viana.

10 thoughts on “Córdoba, Spain

  1. Wonderful 🙂 The first 3 pics are my fav. Always wanted to go but never had the chance yet, hopefully after this quarantine. Hi from a new follower!


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