The Alhambra ~ Granada, Spain

From Córdoba, I took a bus to Granada because I wanted to see the famed Alhambra. I didn’t know much of anything about Granada, really, but knew I wanted to see that. It turned out that Granada was truly a lovely city that, like so many others, I’d love to see again and spend much more time in.
I’ll have some pictures from around Granada for you in a different post, but for now, here is my journey through the Alhambra.
I thought I’d show you first one of the many streets I traversed on my way up the hill to visit the Alhambra. In some ways they all look the same and in others they’re distinctly different. They each have their own flavor. Here (below) is the main walking entrance.
A very, very brief history:
Construction of the Alhambra as a fortress began in 889 CE on the remains of an ancient Roman site. Not much changed until the 13th century when those remains were renovated, rebuilt and greatly expanded by an emir of the Nasrid Dynasty into the palace that you see today. Later, Ferdinand and Isabella held court here. However, some time after that, through wars and conflicts, the palace was abandoned (though often occupied by squatters). In the early 1800’s it was ‘rediscovered’ and refurbished. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
It was late November/early December when I was there and the leaves were turning color.
This is part of the walk up to the entrance. Such a beautiful, peaceful avenue.

I reached this grand doorway and thought it was the entrance, but met up with a couple who were exiting here. They pointed the way further up to the entrance. But, first, a couple more shots.

(These few pictures of the doorway were taken the day before I visited the Alhambra. I usually try to scope out where a site is before I actually go to it. I only mention this because the sky is blue here and on the day I visited, it was very grey and misty).

Here is part of the walkway. Can you imagine how long it took to create this?

This is some ornamentation on part of a supporting wall for the ever-upward road.

I know this is a depiction of a pomegranate but I can’t help thinking, “Feed me, Seymour” whenever I look at it!

I took this photo of the exit once I’d walked a bit higher up the path.

I realized, when looking through my pictures, that I hadn’t got a shot of the entrance! I think it’s because it was a little confusing as to which way to go, where to buy my ticket. But, the entrance seemed to be subjective, anyway. Once you go through that initial arch, you’re on the grounds and, from where I stood, there was no particular ‘entrance’ (not sure that makes sense but I’m going with it). I found the kiosk, bought my ticket and got in line. They only allow so many people in at a time, which I think is a good idea. But, being ‘off season’ I didn’t have a very long wait.
Here’s a view of part of the city as I stood in line.
And another of the mist over the rooftop and beyond….
….and straight up!
Here’s an entrance of sorts. Not the grand door that you might imagine, though it’s as impressive as all get out. I think this is what might have been a ‘side door’ (maybe the ‘main door’ is a different ticket!). You can see some mist on my camera lens. Unfortunately, I didn’t see it at the time and it comes into play now and then.
I’m thinking this is what could be a ‘mud room!’ I could be completely wrong about it, but given the brick floor, it’s not very formal….. comparatively. This one room is bigger than many houses and apartments I’ve lived in!
An open air alcove (….are you sure this is the right word? Alcoves?)…


…..with an amazing ceiling.


From here I’ll just let you stroll with me through the Alhambra with only occasional commentary.


Hopefully, you’ll experience some of the wonder and awe that I did while wandering through this incredible place. No rhyme or reason to the order of things. It’s just what I saw as I walked through. Enjoy.

This (above) is a drain in the floor. A drain, for crying out loud! Everywhere you look is ornamentation. It’s just stunning.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s an interior courtyard.

I loved the reproduction of this damaged column.
A tiled ‘carpet’ of floor and a corner view of it.



Speaking of tiles….


I said earlier that ornamentation was everywhere.



Everywhere, apparently, except this ….alcove? I’m assuming it must have been under restoration. It’s just odd that it seems to be leading to a dead end.

Anyway, onward….

Here I’m nearing the end of my journey. I started to glimpse more views of the outside.

I have no idea.



Next stop, the gardens….


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