To No Cal, So WA and back again

Now that I’ve been on the road for a bit, here are a few pictures of my travels so far through some of Northern California and southern Washington State. I’m currently in Salem, Oregon. There’s been a family emergency which is why I’m back in Salem, but the dust is beginning to settle and I’ll be back on the road soon. It’s been a few … Continue reading To No Cal, So WA and back again


Finally! Seems like it’s taken forever. It hasn’t of course, but I’m not particularly patient when it comes to waiting. Anyway, I’VE GOT A JOB! It’s in Salinas and I’ll be working for Monterey County. Secretarial work. Happily. I’ve always wanted to live in Monterey, but jobs were scarce there. I’d thought about working in Salinas and living in Monterey, but I think the commute … Continue reading I HAVE A JOB!!!

I thought somethin’ was up…..

…..when I left for work this morning ~ there was a big tarp hanging over the street (alley, actually). I figured my neighbors were having a party and when I got home from work…. …… sure ‘nuf….there’s a party goin’ on!  This happens a lot here.  A party is happening right in the middle of the street with motorbikes running right through it the whole … Continue reading I thought somethin’ was up…..