Plan….. Oh hell, I’ve lost count

I’m back in Asheville once again. As the Tin Man said to the Scarecrow, “That’s you all over.” I sold Murphy for a mere pittance. Thanks and g’bye Murphy, ol’ girl. It was fun while it lasted. The sticking point for me was that in the weeks I had it on craigslist, and lowering the price nearly every day, Murphy was running perfectly. Beautifully. The … Continue reading Plan….. Oh hell, I’ve lost count

Suede Lampshade

I’ve been writing this blog – ziggyseamstress – since December 2009 (off and on, anyway) but really got started in March of 2011 and as best I can remember, I’ve only written one post that included anything at all about sewing – Dom’s ‘rainbow dress’ in the ‘Family Time in the Wild Olde West’ post. So here’s a little something about sewing. Since I’ve been … Continue reading Suede Lampshade

Family time in the Wild Olde West

I took a train the other day from my son Paul’s house in northern California to my son Joe’s house in southern California.  Geeeeez, California is a long state….and I didn’t even traverse the entire length of it. That was a seriously long train ride. So exhausting but still, mostly I enjoyed it. I’ll post on it later. Now though, I’ll share with you some … Continue reading Family time in the Wild Olde West