Family time in the Wild Olde West

I took a train the other day from my son Paul’s house in northern California to my son Joe’s house in southern California.  Geeeeez, California is a long state….and I didn’t even traverse the entire length of it. That was a seriously long train ride. So exhausting but still, mostly I enjoyed it. I’ll post on it later.
Now though, I’ll share with you some pictures and memories of my time spent with Paul, Megan and their son, Harlow who’s . …….and adorable…..

P 3P 1.5







P 2.5P 2P 4.5



Told ya…..





He’s so fun to watch and play with……and to listen to.  He makes the funniest, most unusual noises ~ I can’t describe them but he should really be recorded!
Now that I’ve given a fair demonstration of his thorough cuteness, I’ll show you some pictures of his handsome and pretty parents… decide which is which…..
P 5… vote is that Megan is the pretty one….just sayin’…
P 6

Harlow had just eaten some yogurt and they hadn’t got around to wiping off his face yet.  However he does like wearing a yogurt masque from time to time to keep his skin smooth as a baby’s …. well, …face….

P 1P 4








I like this ↑ behind-the-back pic of Paul and Megan looking at a pic of Harlow…..and this pic of Paul behind Harlow’s back….. →
P 10

P 7







To the left is Paul playing one of his favorite guitars ~ a Supro.  And to the right is Megan playing one of Paul’s guitars…..that is, one of the guitars Paul made.  She helped make this ↑ one.
P 8P 12

To the left is Megan playing the guitar they both worked on for Harlow and to the right is Paul working on getting some feedback with their new toy….er, their new amp.
I’m going to do a completely separate post on Paul’s guitar work.  I spent a few days with him at his workshop and took a ton of pictures.  There’s just too much to put it all into this one post.

A few times while Megan was at work, Paul and I would walk Harlow to the local park…..
P 15





P 13P 14








….watch Giants baseball games…


…..or play with the doorstop springy thing……

you know, just goofing off…..hanging out…

Me n Harlow n StarsPaul took this picture of Harlow and me on the way to the park.  He’s got this neat app in his phone that added the color and stars……cool, huh?
A day or two before I left, we went to the Sacramento Zoo and Old Town Sac…..and here are a few pictures.
P 17

Paul as Park Ranger….


…and here’s an anteater.  I had no idea they were so big.

P 18





P 20P 19




To the left is a snow leopard.  It was a pretty sleepy cat and stayed in the shade….this was the best picture I got.

P 21

I’ve always had mixed feeling about zoos.  When it comes to the endangered species, I’m glad we have zoos to keep them safe.  When the animals aren’t endangered, I’m more ambivalent.  I just feel they ought to be left in the wild.  I know there are often extenuating circumstances but I just hate to see animals being caged up.  Having said that, this zebra is a breed that’s quite endangered.  Apparently this particular type is more solitary and doesn’t roam in groups, so they are more vulnerable as prey.

P 22



Beautiful cat.



P 23


P 24





Hello cousin…….

…..sorry to disturb your sleep…..

P 25




He….she?…..was so flippin’ cute!

P 26





You have to be ‘this’ tall in order to qualify as a monkey……I think Paul has made the grade!



P 30



Watching this Great Hornbill, I couldn’t help but see its dinosaur lineage.  The way it moved was almost eery.


P 28




P 29




Megan was in love with these Red Pandas.  They were adorable.  They looked like a cross between a raccoon and a fox…..not sure where the ‘panda’ comes in……


P 27These leopards were so beautiful and playful (there are two of them, but I thought this picture captured their beautiful fur the best).  A sign nearby said their jaws were so powerful they could crush a skull with one bite.  Incredible animals.

P 33


← The Wild Park Worker at play.

P 31

I’d fall over…. I know I would.→


P 32Pretty plumage….

Now on to the Reptile House……





Somebody feed this guy…. ↑







A Green Tree Python →




A Northern Pacific Rattlesnake……I swear he was looking at me (from behind the glass, thankfully)!!



On to ‘Old Sac’…..

P 35P 36P 37




P 38


P 39





I thought this scene was pretty interesting……




……an old horse n’ carriage being passed by a stretch limo…… only in California……

P 40


P 41



A statue honoring the riders of the Pony Express…. ↓






….and the accompanying plaque. ↓

P 42P 43Finally, this chandelier made from old beer bottles.  It’s the way we do things in the Wild West.  Pure class…..I love it!!

I had a blast with Paul, Megan and Harlow.  Of an evening, we’d often have a few drinks (Harlow abstaining of course, preferring rather one of his mom’s delicious, homemade avocado-banana smoothies), play Mad Libs and laugh until it hurt.  Such a fun and funny game… fact so funny, here’s Megan, collapsed on the floor in a puddle of laughter….. Megan


… I said, I had a blast….

Mommy Juice




Great conversation, lots of laughing, wonderful food (going out to eat and staying in) ~ Megan is a great cook and made the best vegetarian chili and lentil soup I’ve ever had…..sooo yummy.  I had a wonderful time ~ thank you so much, you three!

One more thing…..before I left Vancouver, Dominique had asked me to make her a ‘Rainbow Dress’.  After pondering what the heck a Rainbow Dress ought to look like, I came up with this idea… Dom Dress

I made the dress after I got back to Chico and then sent it off to her (from Sacramento).  I called and told her mom it was coming in the mail and to let Dom know that she doesn’t have to treat the dress special, that it’s not precious and she can play in it as often as she wants ~ it’s a play dress.  Her mom sent me these pics and told me Dom hadn’t taken the dress off in two days (she even slept in it!).  I’m so glad she likes it.

Dom 1


Dom 2


6 thoughts on “Family time in the Wild Olde West

  1. Somebody feed this guy….you are so funny! Love the photos — esp of your very adorable grand kids. Beautiful. Great dress too. The reptiles gave me the creeps — esp. the snake looking right at you. xoxoxo


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