So Cal

I’m in Berkeley, California now, house- and cat-sitting for an old friend while he’s out of town with his family. It’s beginning to rain and I’m glad I went for a long walk this morning because it looks to be a heavy storm coming in. While I’ve been sitting here, snug in their nice home, cats occasionally running through the living room at break-neck speed, I’ve been perusing some photos I took while in So Cal and thought I’d share them with you.
While I was still at my son Joe’s house, I took a day trip over to Riverside, to meet up with an old friend. She and I lived just down the street from each other there when we were kids. Riverside was celebrating what used to be called ‘Sendai Days’ – not sure if that’s what it’s still called (I haven’t lived there in decades). According to the International Relations Council of Riverside’s website: “Sendai became Riverside’s first Sister City on December 10, 1957, making this relationship the oldest in the nation. In 2007, Riverside and Sendai celebrated the 50th anniversary of their relationship. Located about 180 miles north of Tokyo on Japan’s largest island, Honshu, Sendai is one of Japan’s 11 major cities.”

Jody and I met at the Mission Inn. I lurv the Mission Inn. It’s the best place in Riverside. I’ve written about it before. Click here to see that post. Here are a few more photos.


I’ve always loved this passageway. It’s always seemed like a secret to me, though it’s in plain sight.




Looking at this beautiful hall, it’s almost impossible to imagine the Mission Inn was once a run down wreck, but indeed it once was.


Here’s a relatively new addition to the downtown area. A memorial to Gandhi.
Below are some of his words.

(You can click on any one to see it up close).
Below are some quotes about him.

From Riverside I went up to Santa Barbara to stay with my daughter Annie and her husband Nick for a while. They live in a house with some great views, especially of the hills….
…on a foggy day….
….and at sunset.
Here are some views looking down to the city.
The fog’s really rolling in here.
We went to the beach a few times.

My sweet daughter Annie and my son-in-law (aka Son #3) Nick.I had such a nice time staying with them.
From there I headed north and here are a few pics (through the dirty windows) from my train ride.

I wrote once before about a train ride through California which post you can read here.
I do love California.

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