A couple things more…. and Tango

I’ll be on my way to Iguazú Cataratas (Waterfalls) tomorrow. It’s an 18 hour bus ride. Yes – 18 hours. But, it’ll be an overnight journey on a ‘sleeper’ bus, so it’ll be a breeze. Anyway, I thought before I go I’d like to finish up a few thoughts that had begun with my last post.


First, I wanted to post a couple more photos taken in the subways. I just love these colors.

How’s this for some amazing subway art?
Look up!
You can almost not help but look up when in Buenos Aires. Amazing architecture everywhere.
But, you’ll see some pretty cool things when you look down, too. Like Vereda del Tango (Tango Path or Sidewalk Tango). I’ve seen these in various parts of the city.
One day I saw some young women trying their hand – er, their feet – at it and having a merry old time.
And speaking of tango…
I went on what amounted to a school field trip to a milonga (basically, a place where tango is danced). No school I’ve ever been to before went on field trips like this….
There’s a bar to the left. This place had a great vibe – una buena onda.
Lots of cool artwork on the walls and hanging from the ceiling.


Here are some of my fellow students from the school.
Super nice folk.


Lessons were given and I tried my han….. feet. And tripped on them frequently. Wow, there’s a lot to it. There’s the stance and the hand/arm position and the tension between hands and the posture and trying not to just look down at your feet and trying to figure out where in the heck your feet are supposed to go anyway and “relax and enjoy it!” Whew! But I did. Enjoy it, that is. Toward the end of the lesson, I actually did get one step down. And I still remember it. After all that, I’m not going to forget it. I’m determined.
Here’s a picture of the teachers dancing for everyone after the lesson. Yes, it’s blurry (I’ve got to do some figuring out with my new camera on low-light situations), but in this instance I’m almost glad that it is. You see, I’m madly in love with this man. Yes, I’ve only met him once. Yes, he’s half my age. Yes, he’s married to the lovely, talented, sweet woman with whom he’s dancing (and madly in love with her if the way they danced was any indication – in fact, while watching them, I almost felt I was intruding on something very private). Yes, yes, yes, it’s all true.
But, when I walked in and he greeted me with the most delectable embrace I’ve had in …. I don’t know… ever? …honestly, I felt I’d known him my whole life. Say what you will, I will never forget that moment or that night. And I will never forget his face…
Tango, anyone?

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