Mercado de San Telmo

I’m in trouble.
I’m in serious danger of falling in love with Buenos Aires. This is getting dire. And I still haven’t actually seen any live tango yet.

Last weekend I walked down to San Telmo. The weather was beautifully dark and cloudy and foreboding of rain – my kind of day. I set out early in the morning, as I am wont to do.
Still early and dark enough that the lights were on.

There were these interesting looking squares embedded in the asphalt here and there and I thought they were artistically appealing.



I guess art is where you find it.


Speaking of which, there are lots of murals in the area.

When I finally made it to San Telmo (it’s quite a walk from my hostel), it was just beginning to rain. Here are a few of my pics from that day.







Such beautiful architecture to see inside. From what I understand, it was built in 1897 and designed by the same man who designed Recoleta Cemetery – Juan Antonio Buschiazzo.

I couldn’t tell if this sculpture was made using rusted metal screen or some sort of basketry. It was hanging up pretty high overhead. Anyway, I really like it.
There weren’t many stores open because of the rain, which was gushing by then. Also, because of the rain, the street vendors were nearly non-existent that day, so I walked back to the hostel, arriving soaked through.
And I went back the following Sunday (today).


On the way, I saw this gentleman busking, singing opera.
I’m not a huge fan of opera, normally, but I’ve always appreciated the talent and skill. This man brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful voice.



Empty streets….. for now.



Clear skies today.





More lovely architecture along the way.








I wish this place had been open. It looked really interesting. I love the name:

The Melancholy Ruffian.


I just sort of stumbled upon this place. There are so many doors and alleys and streets to ramble down, I could easily have missed it. Who knows what I have missed?






I guess you could call it sort of a ‘mall.’ There are little stores around every corner in what is an old home.












I lurv this mid-century modern furniture place. It’s

Anyway, on to the outdoor market…

Back inside the market, it was much busier than it had been last time I was there. But I didn’t stay long. I’d been walking a lot these last two days and my feet were pretty sore. I need to learn how to say “shin splints” in Spanish, because I feel them coming on.
But the Museum of Modern Art is just around the corner from the market and I wanted to go there first, so of course, I did.
Photography is not allowed inside, but there were some interesting exhibits. I got to see a painting by Piet Mondrian, which was pretty great.
They had one exhibit in which you could take photographs, but without flash. Before entering a very dark room, you were told to walk along the wall around the entire room. It was so interesting. It was spider webs!

A guard asked if I wanted my photo taken and I thought, “Sure, why not?”
It was definitely time to head back to the hostel. I was exhausted from all the walking and I was hungry. Plus, I had to go to the bank ATM to get some cash so I could actually buy some food. Along the way I looked for places to eat and hardly anything was open. Then I remembered my favorite restaurant here in B.A. is open on Sundays. I’m going to do a post about it soon. Such good food and great atmosphere. It’s called Vita.
Anyway, time to kick back and eat some leftovers!

9 thoughts on “Mercado de San Telmo

  1. Wow. The copper pots and pans! The architecture and murals! Be careful of your feet and ankles – so you can keep exploring and so that I/we keep getting to see these great photos and experience BA through your eyes. Xoxox


    1. It’s so hard to quit – to realize, ‘Okay, time to get off your feet and sit for a while!’ When I’m already in the area, I want to see as much as I can. But, you’re right – I do need to take care of my bad-tempered feet/ankles. :/


    1. ‘Manders, you sweetheart, you! I fear anything you may send in the mail will get lost in some bureaucratic, language-crossed shuffle before it can reach me – especially since I’ll be leaving the area soon. Can I make a promise to you that I will absolutely, definitely get an umbrella if I find it absolutely, positively necessary?
      I promise! Girl Scout’s honor! Thank you so much for such a kind thought, dear friend. ❤


  2. hey sweetie, so wonderful to travel the streets of BA with you. of course if I were there i’d drive you mad. LOL
    I’m learning finally at 67 to listen to my body and take a break when it tells me. so hard to obey.
    put a big plastic bag in your backpack for rain. you won’t need an umbrella, unless it’s relentless. 🙂 I’m so happy you’re loving it. Ily, sister


  3. Wow!!! The Spider webs are awesome! Did you see any spiders? I love your ability to see and capture such incredible pics. Beautiful places! Hope to fly there someday. 🙂


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