Out and About in Buenos Aires

My weekdays are spent going to class from morning to early afternoon. After class, I’m fried – well, my brain is, anyway – plus I have homework, so I don’t have a lot of energy to go out and see any sights. I save that for the weekend.
Today I took a long walk. My three goals were Teatro Colón, El Ateneo Grand Splendid and Güerrin Pizzeria. Of course, I took a few pics as I walked along.
And here we go:



The Obelisco de Buenos Aires is in a central part of the city. It was completed in barely 2 months back in 1936 and is 235 ft. (71.5 meters) tall.


Here is a Justice or Courts building.

Here is the Teatro Colón, ranked the 3rd best Opera House in the world by National Geographic. The first opera house in Buenos Aires opened in 1857, but for reasons I can’t quite get straight, it was decided a new and improved opera house was needed, hence the present Teatro Colón which opened in 1908. Apparently, the acoustics are superb. I’d hoped to go inside and wander around, but you can only go in with a guided tour which cost $18. I didn’t want to see the inside that badly so I just photographed the outside a bit.









I love how, in big cities, you’ll see these amazing little treasures crammed in between huge, new buildings.


Some French (I think) influence in the architecture.


To the left is the front of El Ateneo.


And, wow, here is the inside.
Can I move in now?
It was originally a theatre named Teatro Gran Splendid which opened in 1919.



On what had been the stage is now a coffee shop.


Books, books, books, books, books…..



You can go into the box seat areas for a little private reading time.




The view from the coffee shop on the stage.




After leaving this heavenly place, I headed back toward my hostel, Güerrin Pizzeria being on the way.

I’d been told by one of the teachers at my school that it’s la mejor pizza del mundo! Okay, I’m ready.

It was good. It was very good. It was the cheesiest pizza I think I’ve ever eaten. I don’t think I’ll eat cheese again for at least a month.


Again, yes, it was good. Definitely.
But not the best.
That title goes to some obscure (obscure because I can’t remember the name) pizza place in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Best pizza I’ve ever eaten. Unbelievably good. Never equalled. Sigh.

A couple more things I’ll add here:
A clothing store sign. It must be a chain – I’ve seen a few.


Maybe they’re saying, “You’ll kill ’em dead with your good looks if you buy your clothing here.”





Public baths.




Also, I couldn’t resist – I’ve been trying out a new photoshop-type app and I’ve had some fun with it. Here are a couple of the pics from this post with a different twist.

8 thoughts on “Out and About in Buenos Aires

  1. I want to move into the theater/bookstore/coffee shop now! Gorgeous. You have such an eye for the beautiful and interesting spots. Xox


  2. Finally, some honesty in advertising. “Kill”. Please post pics of the “Eat” and “Fuck” stores, too. I’m trying to recollect….was it Luna’s (za) in Ha Noi?


      1. Luna d’Autunno? I’ve had the term luna come up in conversation four times in three days, twice as a name. The other was in Mexico a couple days ago when I was told that if someone is acting crazy they are “en la luna” or “In the moon”


      2. Oh, how weird! Yeah, Rick, I think it was Luna d’Autunno, but looking at the menu online just now, I don’t see the particular pizza I used to order. It had a weird name like “The Mechanic” or “The Lumberjack” or some such off-the-wall name. Wish I could remember it!
        I’m glad you made it to Mexico. Hope it was great fun.


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