Monterey Bay Aquarium, Part Deux

I went to the Aquarium again.  They’d been sending out notices about the opening of the new exhibit, “Tentacles.”  Friday was a Members Only Day and I wanted to feel ‘special’ as a member, so I went!  Join me, won’t you?






Nautilus.  Nautili.



Okay, this is where I share my inner dork.  When I first saw this display I was blown away by how fast these squid were swimming.  I mean, just look at that stream of bubbles.  Then, oh….it’s mechanical.  A kid was playing with it.  Der. 4Here’s the real thing.  Kinda cute, huh?

Cuttlefish….also kinda cute.

7I watched these little shrimp for a long time.  They were fascinating.  They kept so busy – sort of like ants. They seemed to have little personalities.  Super cute!



Okay, so the name of the new exhibit is ‘Tentacles’ so obviously the main focus are the octopi.  When I was there, they were… sleeping?  Well, they were not moving around much anyway.  This one had ‘suctioned itself’ onto the viewing glass.  Very interesting looking creatures.  Not so much cute.

10These diving birds were so fun to watch.  I don’t remember what they’re called.

11‘Flying’ through water.

1213This is one of the viewing areas of a tank that’s about 3 stories high.

14I love watching the sardines.
Okay, now prepare for something kind of icky….

…..a starfish eating.  Apparently, when they capture a lot of food and can’t eat it all at once, like this one did, they sort of belch out their stomachs and do the digesting outside their bodies.  Ew.

The guides at the Aquarium told me I was lucky to see this because it’s rare. Lucky me!

They said I was exceptionally lucky that day because I also saw a Monk Eel which was much easier on the eyes…

16Really beautiful, isn’t it?  They said this creature is usually very ‘shy’ so I kept my camera shutter clicking.

1718Word got around of my photographic expertise, so a few fishies stopped by to have their picture taken….









Below is a Sunfish.  A really odd looking thing.  It’s like a big, rectangular block swimming around.






I think we all recognize this little fella….

2324Two-way Leopard Shark traffic.

25A sturgeon!  Looky, look, Mikey!  A sturgeon!

26I mentioned this in my last post about the Aquarium.  It’s a bronze art piece of an octopus coming out of the wall.   Beautiful work.

27Don’t know what these were, but they were surely interesting.

2832293031Another day in Wonderland.


5 thoughts on “Monterey Bay Aquarium, Part Deux

  1. Beautiful photos. Can’t help it though — I’ve got the creeps! Most of the items pictured make my skin crawl even when I think they’re beautiful. xo


    1. Wow, really? I agree the starfish was kind of gross, but…. I guess you’ll just have to come down and see it in person – it really is beautiful.


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