It was Lin’s birthday…..





…and I’m the one who got the present.



Not only did I get to hang out for a couple of wonderful days with my dear, dear friend, but we spent the time at Asilomar in Pacific Grove, California.  What a peaceful, relaxing time.  Here’s what their website says about it:
“Asilomar’s rich history dates back to its origins as a YWCA Leadership Camp built in 1913. Known as Monterey Peninsula’s “Refuge by the Sea,” the state park is located on 107 acres of state beach and conference grounds, within the quaint and scenic town of Pacific Grove. Asilomar is celebrated for its restored dune ecosystem and architectural significance, with cozy, historic structures designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan between 1913 and 1928.”









Not bad for a YWCA ‘camp’, huh?

6…just sayin’….

7These are pictures of the chapel.  Elegant and simple at the same time.  One of the things Lin and I did while there was to take a ‘self-guided’ tour through all the historic buildings.   Here are a couple more pics of the chapel.









11This was not in the chapel!  It was in one of the ‘cabins.’  But I love these old posters.  I had to take the pics from an angle due to the glare on the glass. 12I love the way she’s ‘holding on’ to the moon.
13This is a first peek of the Meeting Hall…more later.

This is the ‘Pirates Den.’  Here’s the website’s story of the Pirates:

“From 1917 to 1935, young college men and local high school boys were hired each summer by the YWCA to help out with the summer camps and leadership conferences. Their jobs included grounds maintenance, vehicle mechanics, kitchen help, bus boys, dishwashers and bellboys. They were originally dubbed the “pie rats” because they were often caught raiding desserts – particularly pies – from the kitchen between meals. “Pie rats” soon became “Pirates,” and these young men organized themselves into “the membership of Pirates,” with an entire hierarchy of leadership.”


I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that in the staff cabins they didn’t put in quite as much work on the architectural detail but, still… not bad!


16Now, here’s some architectural detail.  The Meeting Hall.





20There was a wedding at Asilomar while we were there.  Maybe this was set up for the reception.   There’s Lin, enjoying the view.

21Love the Arts and Crafts style details.

2223This is one of the hallways in the building in which we stayed.  See the pictures on the wall through the glass?  They’re great old pictures from the 1920’s and 30’s of the young women who worked there.  Again, here’s from the website:
“The YWCA hired college women to work the conferences and summer camps, mostly as maids and waitresses. The first summer of 1913, some of these young women felt that the work they were required to do – menial jobs such as sweeping, laundry, and dishwashing – were chores that a modern, educated woman should not be required to do. Overhearing their complaints and protests, someone is said to have remarked, “You’re just a bunch of stuck-ups.” Apparently, the young women actually rose to the challenge and embraced the nickname, because the Stuck-ups became an institution that lasted for 22 years.”  I guess if you were a ‘Stuck-Up’ you worked your tail off to show you were no wimp!



We went back to the room after our tour to get some lunch goodies Lin had brought and I spied this little fella outside the window.



We then went for a stroll along the beach and found a nice spot for a picnic.

26I’d call this a nice spot, wouldn’t you?



We had some company once we sat down to eat.

This guy was very interested in the  menu and hung around for quite a while.




There were some great tide pools in the area and I was so excited to see some sea anemones ‘in the wild.’

253032What a delightful time, those couple of days.  At night we walked out on the beach and enjoyed the starry sky, trying to figure out which constellation was which….who made up those things, anyway?!  And one night we sat up to the wee hours talking by the cozy fireplace in the gathering room of our building.  So nice.  Each day we took our time, relaxed and talked…and talked….and talked….they way two old friends do.
34Our last morning there we walked along this very nice boardwalk….talking, enjoying the view.   Such an incredibly nice weekend spent with one of the best people on the planet.  My friend, Lin.


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