chinese dragon 5 claw frontchinese dragon 5 claw backMy son, Joe, drew these.

dragonflyspidermachineThe three directly above this text, he drew when he was in high school.  When I think of him during those years, I see him hunched over his drawing table, absorbed in his work.  I guess you can see why.  (Remember, you can click on the drawings to get a better viewing).

capacitorHe’s created and drawn his own characters for years.  This is another one from the ‘high school era.’
trooperriji in fly stanceHe’s an artist from birth.  It’s innate in him and was obvious from a very young age through the obscure, seemingly impossible, way he stacked blocks to the diversity of his drawings.
He is also an incredible musician, creating his music with the computer.  I have no idea how he does it, but it’s amazing.
Below is a link to one of his animations.
When you open it, keep your ‘mouse arrow’ to the side and watch for a minute.
Then move the arrow over the animation…..

…..cracks me up every time….!

And here’s one he sent me for my 50th birthday (this one takes a little longer to load).  It still makes me cry…..with joy.

In it he says thank you to me but honestly, if I did anything at all, it was to be sure he had plenty of art supplies.  The rest is on him.  (He did the painting on the blue jean fabric, too……wearable art).

window wallwaitingThere’s nothing, really, I can say that will add anything at all to what you see.  His work speaks for itself.  I’ve always been in awe of his talent.

marderic the catwoman04

My sweet, kind-hearted, funny, amazingly talented son, Joe.





All artwork property of Joe Rhoney and used here by permission (because I’m his mom….heeeeeee  🙂 ).  To see even more of his amazing work, check out his website at:

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