Ultimate xe om!

OmiGOD!!! The xe om ride of my life!!

I’d been out having a couple of brews with a friend (who I’d met at that one-day job in…..that city which name I can’t remember). Just a nice time out with a new friend, philosophizin’ about life n’ stuff…. really nice time. Then went and had a bowl of pho and just kept on talking.  It had got quite late and when it was time to find a ride home, taxis were actually a bit scarce, amazingly enough.

Xe om to the rescue!.

Now, this terrific young gentleman spoke pretty darn good English. We talked about this and that and then he surprisingly said, “You ride motorbike home?”  I had to sort of process what he meant……did he mean, “Do I like to take a motorbike home?’ or did he actually mean, “Do I want to ride the motorbike home myself ?”  I asked him…….and he meant…..the latter……and I said, “YEAH!”  So, he pulled over, I sat in front, he showed me where the gears were….”1, 2, 3, 4….” and…..we took off….  He would tell me as we rode along, “Okay, 2!”  So I’d shift into second gear…..then third, then fourth.  Occasionally he’d say, “Slow….slow!!”  Good LORD it was fun!  He kept saying, “Good driver!”  I don’t know if he was just trying to be encouraging or what, but I actually did make it home safely….. like I’ve said before – motorcycles and I go waaay back.


Big, BIG smile!!!  (:

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