In the Old Quarter

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been staying in what’s called the ‘Old Quarter’.  I understand it’s the oldest continually developed area of Vietnam.  It’s an incredibly busy, bustling place.  Motorbikes, cars, bicycles and buses zooming by at a pretty fast pace considering that the sidewalks are just about completely taken up by vendors and one generally must walk along side the street in order to get around.  It’s funny, though… just do….you get around.  The thing is – you have to pay attention….imagine that!  And while you’re paying attention you see some of the most wonderful things like…

beautiful old homes…….

…..and lets call these high-rises!


All over the place there are homes and buildings painted with this lovely, creamy, rich, faded, worn, earthy yellow ochre…..

….I love it!

Portobello Road, East……. 

…bicycle o’ baskets….



….these drums were huge!



This may be a horse chestnut tree….not sure….but they’re everywhere and they’re so nice.


2 thoughts on “In the Old Quarter

    1. Thanks Joy! Hopefully I’ll be able to keep at it. It’s kind of time consuming right now as I’m getting used to how to format the pictures for posting, but I’m sure I’ll get quicker with it. So much to do……I gotta get a job! Yikes!


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