The Peas and the Pomegranate panels have made their way up the hill to Mike’s back yard. I still haven’t seen them in place up there (car troubles – I don’t want to drive too far from home – I’m afraid I won’t make it back!), but Mike says they look great. Here’s a picture of the Grapes panel. My original drawing was for a … Continue reading Grapes


Here’s my second panel. I keep futzing with it…..not quite happy with it yet, but it’s almost there. One thing that happens with this sort of drawing (or with carving a linoleum block for block printing) is that you really do need to sort of step back from what you’re doing now and then and make sure you’ve got your positive and negative spaces sorted … Continue reading Pomegranate


Snags!  Already I’m hitting snags!  Ah well, it’s not so bad as all that. As it turns out, the mossy green is a bit lighter than we’d hoped for.  Mike went down to the paint store after painting a few panels to see if they could adjust the colour, but they were hesitant what with so much of the gallon being used up.  He asked … Continue reading Snags!