A couple things more…. and Tango

I’ll be on my way to IguazĂș Cataratas (Waterfalls) tomorrow. It’s an 18 hour bus ride. Yes – 18 hours. But, it’ll be an overnight journey on a ‘sleeper’ bus, so it’ll be a breeze. Anyway, I thought before I go I’d like to finish up a few thoughts that had begun with my last post.   First, I wanted to post a couple more … Continue reading A couple things more…. and Tango


Yesterday I went to el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). I’d heard there was a Diane Arbus exhibit there that was ending soon and I really wanted to see it. I’ve loved her photos for years. She photographed everything and nothing, in a sense. The simplest moments became thoroughly intriguing through her lens. She said: “I don’t press the shutter. The image … Continue reading MALBA