I’m so glad I went to Monserrate Palace today (and you’ll be happy to learn I wasn’t an idiot and took the bus!). The gardens surrounding the palace are lovely and peaceful. The history is long and convoluted and ownership of the property has changed numerous times over the centuries. Building of the current structure began around 1860. I’d like to simply share with you the beauty of this place.
I felt lucky that I stumbled upon this old chapel. This is not what most people come to Monserrate to see. But, strolling around the gardens, there it was.

It felt like a place lost in time.

I watched this little cat for a while as it prepared to pounce on I don’t know what!


Some of the flowers I found in the gardens.

Here’s my first glimpse of the palace.
From what I understand, this was the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court.

It seemed every square inch of the interior was ornamented in some way.

The dome was definitely eye-catching.
But so were the marble floors and walls and ceilings and arches, etc., etc……

Downstairs is the kitchen and various ‘practical’ devices.

Monserrate Palace near Sintra, Portugal.

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