Plan X from Outer Space

You know how it is when you take your vehicle to the mechanic and describe the funny noise it’s been making or that weird thing it does and he tries to get it to do the same thing but of course it doesn’t happen for him so he doesn’t fix it because he can’t detect it, so you get the vehicle back and naturally it starts doing that thing again and you’re wondering if this is a really bad problem or if it’s just an old vehicle that makes funny sounds or smells odd or whatever and you keep your fingers crossed that it’ll hang on a bit longer, at least long enough so that you can get across country like you had hoped to do?

And you know how it is when you take it back to the mechanic with the same continuing problems and they finally become evident to him so he tests it out and gives you a call saying that he hates that he has to have this conversation with you, but there are some big problems and he’s concerned about your intention to drive cross country and getting the problems fixed is going to cost you well over two thousand dollars?

You know how that is? I do.

I had intended to leave within the next two weeks, but thought I’d bring my van back to the mechanic’s just to be sure she was good to go. Well, she’s not. I’m still at my sister’s. We’re on the tail end of getting her moved to her new house. Things are settling into place and the job is about done. It’s getting colder and I wanted to get across country before snow started to fall. I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do now. Actually, one thing I am sure about is that I will not be putting any more money into this vehicle. I may have to bang my head against a wall quite a few times before the message sinks in, but it eventually does sink in and I’m calling it quits with this vehicle. I’ve put a ridiculous amount of money into it and it has many, many new parts, but it needs more and I just can’t bring myself to spend the money.

I’ll figure it out. Things will work out one way or another. I’m very fortunate in that I have food, clothing and shelter and for that, I’m grateful. I’d still like to get over to my daughter’s house so I have some figuring out to do. One thing I’ve learned and continue to wrap my little brain around in my nomadic life is the value of the ability to adapt to change. Because, gosh darn it, things just don’t always go as planned.

Anyone want to buy a van? Cheap?

Fall colors

11 thoughts on “Plan X from Outer Space

  1. Argh! I’m so sorry for all this trouble, friend! You’re right though, you do have an uncanny ability to adapt to change. I really admire that about you. ❤


    1. Thank you, Lou! That means so much to me, coming from a fellow adventurer. I’ve just read quite a few posts on your blog and am now following it. It’s very well written, helpful and heartfelt. I’m happy to recommend your blog to anyone reading mine:
      Good stuff! 🙂

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      1. No, I think I’m going to be hunkering down here in Asheville until I can save up some money ….. that is, unless some great opportunity drops out of the sky – then I’m off and running (or flying) again!!


      2. Yes, I’m a seamstress. Been sewing for years. In fact, I started this blog thinking I’d share sewing tips and ideas, but it turned into a travelogue, which is all right by me!
        I bought some beautiful fabric in Viet Nam a few years ago. I made a purse out of one piece.
        I may post a few items about sewing while I’m here in Asheville. We’ll see! 🙂


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