Atlanta – the old, the new, the weird, the cool

Éva and I have started our journey. Here I sit at a coffee shop in Savannah having the most incredibly difficult time believing we only left yesterday morning. It hasn’t even been 48 hours. I don’t know. Weird.


Anyway, as I said, we left Asheville yesterday morning and after encountering this rather bizarre sight on the road and about four and a half hours later, we were in Atlanta, Georgia.


Our first sighting:




Here’s the capitol building (I think), but I never got a closer look.




039A picture of Éva taking a picture of the Waffle House!  It’s a very popular restaurant out here, but she said she’d never seen one housed in such an old building.

048And here she is sitting at a pretty, but oddly yellowish-green fountain.

042There are a lot of very nicely maintained older buildings in Atlanta.








100And some maybe not so nicely maintained, but still cool looking in their own way.


And new juxtaposed against the old.








Here’s Éva at the Carnegie Monument….



….and a whole lot of random, weird stuff:

096058109An old water tower in the middle of a huge, modern city….



…..Cinderella’s coachman texting someone on his cell phone….

032…..and some pretty cool graffiti and murals…..

091Éva tells me this is a wheatpaste mural made offsite on brown butcher paper and then pasted to a wall.  It was in the process of peeling off the wall, but still intriguingly intact.


She thought this mural may contain the names of all the artists who have paintings in the area.






Love this.



121It was a long day of driving then walking over a huge area of this city.  We finally made it back to the van intending to stay the night there, but still had a little energy left to drive a bit further.  We didn’t want to have to deal with Monday morning traffic so we drove to Macon and stayed there the night.  This morning we drove to Savannah – wow what a beautiful city – and then out to the beach.  Neither of us had ever been to the Atlantic Ocean before, so it was pretty exciting…..and WARM!!!  Being Californians, we’re used to the icy Pacific.  It was like swimming in bath water.  Really nice.

So, after our day at the beach, we’re back in Savannah where we’ll spend the night.  Tomorrow we’ll go back to the old part of town to enjoy the sights, then move on.  Pictures coming soon.  (:

6 thoughts on “Atlanta – the old, the new, the weird, the cool

  1. Nice pictures! Nice to see Eva, another relative I haven’t met! Btw, the water in the Gulf of Mexico is even warmer, sometimes approaching 90 degrees!


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