Go, go Godzilla!

I have this old movie poster at home (actually, I have it in storage at my daughter’s house right now, but…..).  It’s one of my favorite art pieces that I hang on my walls.  I got it at a Southern California (where else?) thrift store.

Mike reminded me of this poster the other day after we’d been in a classroom with a bunch of kids.  The second I walked in, these boys said, “OH!  You’re so TALL!”  I laughed, “I know!!”

Sometimes when I’m walking down the street here in Hanoi I think this is what I must look like……okay, I’m not remotely as shapely, but…..sometimes I feel just as freakish…….

It’s all good – hey, in a classroom, it can be a talking point!


2 thoughts on “Go, go Godzilla!

  1. Jan, You & I were in SoCal & were able to ‘get away’ for awhile, went to some thrift stores & I was with you when you found that pic, remember? Ily! sis ‘)


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