White Sands National Park

On my way from Sonora Desert, Arizona to my house-sitting gig in Colorado, I stopped at White Sands National Park in New Mexico.
Here’s a brief (and very basic) history of the area:
Millions of years ago, the Permian Sea retreated, leaving a deep layer of gypsum. This retreat was due to plate tectonics, causing the rise of mountains. The mountains carried the gypsum up high. Then, water from melting glaciers dissolved the gypsum and carried it back down into the valley where the process continues today. There is water inches below the surface which has the effect of a sort of glue, preventing the wind from blowing it all away.
Got it?
Okay, so here are my pictures of White Sands.

It was so quiet! There were people around but somehow the sand seemed to muffle the sound.

See how fine-grained it is?

That’s it!
Following are some pictures I took along the way north.

I pretty much had the road to myself for quite a way.

I took the following picture in the high plains of New Mexico after a night of mind-bogglingly high winds. I was at a rest stop, barely able to sleep because of it. I honestly thought the van might tip over! But the next morning I saw this amazing sunrise.

10 thoughts on “White Sands National Park

  1. Hi Cuz,
    I give you lots of credit, as you travel alone, I couldn’t do it.. Beautiful photo’s,and looks very serene at White Sands. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe.
    Cuz Barb

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  2. Soooo interesting! Love the pics, and I truly admire you for traveling cross-country alone in a van! You’re a brave woman! Thanks for the geology lesson too – it prompted me to do more research on how it was formed, and how fascinating it was! Keep ’em coming!

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