….and now for something completely different…

Since mid-January I’ve been house- and cat-sitting for an old friend north of Denver, Colorado near the foothills of the Rockies.
It’s cold here.
Very cold.
And it snows.
A lot.
So, I’ve been indoors quite a bit, trying to keep myself busy so as not to go completely buggy. I pulled together the pieces and parts to finish up a project I started a long time ago.
And here it is, finally completed (click on the picture to get an isolated view).

It’s a picture frame (for a tiny mirror? Why not?). I’ve collected the pieces over the years from yard sales, thrift stores and some family pieces. Most often, though, I just pick things up off the street.
Knowing me, I’ll probably still futz around with it a little more but, at least for now, I’m calling it done.
Here it is again, taking a step back.

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