Bruges, Belgium

As I wrote in my recent post on London, I took a train from St. Pancras Station to Bruges, Belgium.
I’ve decided to write at least two, if not three, posts on Bruges because I took a lot of pictures. I just couldn’t stop myself. In this post I hope to give you at least a small taste of the visual treasures there are in this gorgeous city.

Okay, take a breath. There’s more.

These next few panoramic shots distort the skyline, but I still like the way they look.

Whatya think? Pretty amazingly gorgeous, isn’t it? In the next post I’ll tell you what brought my attention to Bruges in the first place and share more pictures of what I saw there.
So, why (I hear you asking) is she showing a picture of a bunch of plastic Christmas decorations in the back of a truck? Christmas was a few weeks away when I was there and decorations were just being put up. When I saw this heap of plastic junk after being immersed for a few days in such exceptional beauty, my first thought was “Yeah, right. That’ll improve the look of the place!” Yeesh!
A couple more quick notes – if you’re ever in Bruges, eat a waffle! Oh my god, they’re good. The sugar in the waffle caramelizes when it’s cooked and creates a sort of glaze on the surface. You can get them with a myriad of toppings, but in my opinion, they’re perfect just as they are, hot off the griddle. Oh, yum!
This is the hostel I stayed in and I really liked it. It’s a quick walk to the main square and on a quiet street. Super nice hosts, too.
In the hallways were some witty sayings and posters. There was one of those adverts with the little tag of paper you can tear off at the bottom. Usually the little tear-off strips have a phone number or web address where you can contact the advertiser. On the main sheet of this one it said, “Never travel solo!” and had a picture of Han. At the bottom, each tear-off strip had a picture of a Wookiee. I still carry my Wookiee with me wherever I go – I’ll never travel solo again!
Below is a cute pic from the hallway.
And here’s one more of Bruges. See the bird swooping into view?
More to follow….

9 thoughts on “Bruges, Belgium

  1. I’ve wanted to go ever since I saw the movie “In Bruges”. I love those buildings centuries old and still standing!


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