La Rambla

Yesterday I was a complete flake and did absolutely nothing. Sometimes you just need a ‘down’ day. But this morning, while it was still cool I thought it would be a good idea to walk to the embarkation area for the ferry I’ll be taking tomorrow back to Buenos Aires. Getting lost whilst carrying a heavy backpack is no fun, so I wanted to make sure I’ll be able to find it tomorrow.
Here are a few pics I took along the way.

(Don’t forget, you can click on any picture to get a better view).


I passed by this bike shop and ended up returning to it later.


I wonder if they know their name is embedded in an Uruguayan sidewalk.



I love my ‘hood!
So, after having found the port where I’ll catch my ferry, I walked back to my hostel. Feeling once again like a slug, I flopped onto my bed. But, after a while, realizing how stupid that was since this is my last full day in Uruguay, I asked around if there were any bike rental places and learned that the one I saw this morning was my best bet, so back I went.
And here are pictures from my bike ride.
La Rambla is the sidewalk that runs along the entire south coast of Montevideo (it is still the Rio del Plata here – not the Atlantic Ocean). It’s over 13.5 miles / 22 km and relatively flat. Maybe it’s the time of year, but it was also relatively empty. I had it much to myself.


Just me and the birds….


and the dinosaurs.

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These were copper plates in the sidewalk with etched depictions of dinosaurs and various ancient animals. Small signs alongside stated 160 million years ago, 130 million years…..etc. Pretty cool.

A couple of wide angle shots, somewhat distorted.
Confucius in the park. I would like to have got a closer picture, but it was across a busy street I didn’t want to cross.
There were several of these platforms, I guess you’d call them, that jutted out a way into the water. Some were larger, some smaller than this one. I imagined that in quieter times, bands would play here, maybe there’d be lights strung around and people dancing. Seems kind of romantic.
By this time, I’d ridden the bike quite a few kilometers and, rounding a corner, came up against a really strong headwind. For someone who walks as much as I do (and I walk a lot), my thigh muscles were starting to burn and my knees were none too happy – and I still had to ride back. So, as much as I would have liked to continue, I started back.
I don’t know – I think I’ve missed something here. I’ve read people’s comments online praising Montevideo. Granted, La Rambla is a really nice area for a safe (traffic free) bike ride and the Feria was insanely great! But, I had a hard time finding things to do – most times I went out walking, everything seemed to be closed.
On my bike ride, when I’d got to the point I realized I ought to turn back, I was just getting to the ritzy part of town. Definitely higher priced than the area where my hostel is. Maybe that’s where all the action is. Well, it’s still been a nice experience, anyway.
Heading back to the hostel….
Just a shot I find quirky.
Weaving my way through Plaza Independencia to the hostel.
Time to chill….and shower.

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