Feria de Tristán Narvaja

I went to the Sunday Market today in Montevideo and, wow, what a Sunday market – it’s enormous.

It went on forever and ever down countless streets. I probably covered only about a third of it in a few hours and I was exhausted – and I still had to walk back to my hostel! Fortunately, right after I got there I found this place and got a veggie tostada. Omigod, it was good.
The young man in front is grilling it. I want another one now.
Here are a few pictures of my wanderings.


Tile, tiles and more tiles.




Treasures, lots of treasures. It’s so hard to resist, but I must – soy una mochilera.



I think if I lived here, I’d be at the market every weekend. Not only for the treasures, but regular shopping. Food, sewing supplies, gardening supplies, plumbing supplies, even. I mean everything!

Yes, that’s right, it’s legal here. As it should be everywhere on the planet!
Get over it, world governments!



Lots and lots of brass everywhere. Mostly hardware, it seems.



Cool looking bookstore.

There were books being sold everywhere.



Lots of gorgeous jewelry and gemstones, too, but I steered clear. Dangerous.

I love this album cover. “Luthiers” caught my attention, because my son, Paul, is one. He just started a blog recently.
The man on the left below was in the doorway of his shop, music coming from within and boogying along. He caught me smiling at him and threw me a kiss. I threw one back. I’ll never look at that mask the same again!

The man on the right makes these…
No, he doesn’t have a laser jet cutter (or whatever those things are called) in his basement – he does it with a scroll saw. A scroll saw. The detail is astonishing. Incredible talent. Well done, sir.

I’ve just got a thing for old wooden hangers. Especially the ones with the printing on them.
With all the looking down at things, it’s easy to forget to look up. But there are some beautiful buildings around.
The top of a kiosk I saw on the way back to my hostel.
Below is the street of my hostel.
There’s a good vibe here.

2 thoughts on “Feria de Tristán Narvaja

  1. It would be sooo hard not to buy things. So much gorgeousness! The brass, the tiles, the hangers, the threads, the food…really like seeing the street where the hostel is too. Can you post or send a photo of the inside of the hostels? I’m interested in that if you can.

    How long are you planning to be in Uruguay? What’s next?



    1. It can be pretty tough! But I’m trying to be $$ conscious, too.
      You know, I’ve thought about putting up pictures of the hostels I’ve stayed in, but when I’m here, I don’t think about taking any! I think I go immediately into ‘chill’ mode! I’ll try to take pics now and then and maybe put up a post of all of them sometime. Thanks for the idea!
      I’ll only be here until Thursday – 3 more nights – then back to B.A. for about a week to do some strategizing. Not sure where I’m going after that.

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