At the Beach

I was dying to get out of Salinas at least for a while this weekend and wanted to go to the beach, but not in Monterey.  Monterey is a great town, but the traffic can be nuts.  Marina, a little further north, is less ‘trendy’ (sorry, Marina) so it’s not as packed with tourists and I found an easy-to-access beach.
Wow, am I glad I went.

1That’s Monterey off into the distance.
It was a beautiful day.  Nice and sunny.  The air was cool and smelled wonderful.  It felt great to walk barefoot in the sand…..

2…to check out the wildlife….



….. the surfers.

I still want to learn how to surf.

Does this look like fun or what?

456789Waves are so mesmerizing….

10…it’s like performance art.

11I was watching the birds…..




…..checking out lots of sand dollars….





…..and my shadow…..





15….and the dolphins!!!!

16Yes, dolphins!  I was so excited.  I’ve never seen them in the wild.  There were a few further out, jumping up and out of the water, too, but my zoom lens just doesn’t zoom that far.  But it was great to watch.
Actually, when I first caught sight of one, my immediate thought was that it was a shark because all I saw was a fin.  But I wasn’t sure that’s what it was.  There’s a lot of kelp out there, too.  I was contemplating yelling ‘Shark!’ to the surfers, when I saw more of them together and it became obvious they were dolphins.  The surfers stopped, straddled their boards and watched them go by, too.  It was so cool.  I also saw a sea otter, but it was too wily for my camera lens.

17So glad I went to the beach today!

2 thoughts on “At the Beach

  1. Hi Janice,

    Happy very belated birthday! I have not seen nor heard from you in so long, but keep thinking of you, I met you though a meet-up group, (but I am not a member of any groups anymore… ). I recently saw you from a speeding bus in downtown Salinas and so wanted to say hello but could not… and just wanted to keep in touch with you! Love your blog, and your pictures are wonderful! If you ever want to have coffee or go for a walk in beautiful downtown Salinas (hehe) email me and just let me know! I still live in the Monterey Bay area.

    Re: your mother, I am so sorry, My mother also passed in March of this year, I do understand a bit of how it feels. (((hugs)))



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