Lavender Therapy

Transit. Transient. Transitory. Transition. Transmission… Oh my TVC one five…..
Yeah, I’ve been on the go, moving, changing scenes, traveling, uprooting. I’ve been mislocated, dislocated, dislodged, displanted and disjointed.  It’s been mind bending, but honestly I’ve got it good….really.  I’ve never been without a roof over my head, never without a friend, a loved one to talk with, never without food in my belly.

For someone who wanted to travel so much, though all I can think of right now is having a small place to settle down.  To sit still.  Quietly.  My old inner dichotomy is once again rearing its ugly head: my love of travel and my love of home.  I’m not ungrateful.  Really.  I suppose this sounds awful.  Everyone’s been more than generous.  More than gracious, accommodating, considerate, kind.  No one’s put me in this spot but me.  I have no regret.  Not one bit.  I’m eternally happy I quit my job of nearly 7 years and traipsed off to Viet Nam.  I wouldn’t change a thing…

and yet…..

I’ve been trying to find a job.  Everywhere.  All over the planet ~ even here in the U.S.A. at this point.  I’ve found that most European countries (and quite a few South American countries, for that matter) require a Bachelor’s degree and very often even a European Union passport in order to work as a teacher.  And most countries don’t really want to hire, say, a secretary (my regular line of work) from out of the country ~ they’d rather hire the local citizenry, which makes sense, right?  So……..I’m job searching …….and getting so frustrated.  It’s pretty much the only thing on my mind anymore…..”Gotta get a job.  Gotta get a job.  Running out of money.  Can’t keep sponging off my family forever…..”  The search continues….

So, just letting you know what’s going on but, enough already……I’m with my family.  I love them with all my heart.  And I’m now going to show you pictures of the trip I took with my son Joe and his family to a lavender farm out in the middle of the desert, believe it or not….

Keys Creek Lavender Farm



← Here’s a labyrinth they’ve recently planted…




…..and my grandson, Cosimo, finding his way through it.  →


7The beautiful family (Joe, Rachel & Cos) under a beautiful bougainvillea arch.

8Da boyz ↑                                                     Da local wildlife↓







There were a few of the cutest goats there.  I love goats.  They’re so adorable and love to have their heads scratched.



Here’s Joe and Cos accommodating. →



← And Cos giving the little guy a hug.



1920212223Hard to believe so much can grown in so hot, arid an environment, but here it is.





















It was a beautiful day and we had a wonderful time.

It’s good to be with family.

6 thoughts on “Lavender Therapy

  1. beautiful! Joe and Paul look a lot alike. You are always welcome here. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. oxox


  2. Incredible! Beautiful (lavender and family!). Anyone would be lucky to have you work for them. Keeping good thoughts. xoxo


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