A delay in the action..

Yes, not much action the past few days.

One ~ I’ve been struggling a bit with the drawing of the garlic bulb that Mike wants.  He wants a “great big fat one” with the roots at the bottom.  Being that the panels are square and the entire garlic plant is long and skinny, I’m just drawing the bottom bulb part.  I’ve tried drawing the roots and they just don’t look right to me with the bulb I’ve drawn so far.  I think I’ll take a few day’s break from it to hopefully get this drawing out of my head and then start fresh with a new drawing – then he can choose which one he wants.

Two ~ I’ve had my eggplant….no, aubergine – it sounds so much prettier……drawn for a while, but I want to paint that on one of the darker panels, which I haven’t got yet.

So…..a delay in the action.  In the mean time ~ pictures of the tomatoes.

Almost ready……almost ready!!


One thought on “A delay in the action..

  1. I know the tomatoes are just a side note, but I just have to say that second shot with the lineup of tomatoes going from green to red looks really cool!


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